Access list 2015/16

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Access list 2015/16

Post by Wasyl on Sat 5 Jul 2014 - 15:45

As we know, for the cycle 2015-18 UEFA prepares new format of Champions League and Europa League. The most important changes are:

  • UEL winner has a place in UCL qualifications (non-champions route)
  • 12 cup winners and 4 more clubs from the best associations in UEFA Country Ranking have a direct place in UEL Group Stage
  • there can be max 5 clubs from each associations in UCL and 3 in UEL
  • cup finalists (runners-up) wouldn't be allowed to play in European football if cup winner qualifies for Champions League

The question is, how would qualifications look like? For sure it will be harder for smaller clubs to advance to the Group Stage and there will be some movements in qualifying rounds (for example, as I heard, 21. place in Country Ranking wouldn't mean omitting I qualifying round, instead of that it's going to be 17. or even 15... but is it true?). The official info isn't known yet but maybe there are same rumours, suspicions etc.?

For me the new format will be a failure - the difference between the strongest and the rest would grow even higher only to bring UEFA more money... The UEL is wonderful since there are many surprising results caused by theoretically weaker clubs. Now their chances are significantly limited which isn't fair at all.
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Re: Access list 2015/16

Post by Admin on Sun 6 Jul 2014 - 15:42

Access List 15/16 added ( - with all real Title Holder scenarios.
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