Possible EURO 2016 groups, 24 teams good or not?

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Possible EURO 2016 groups, 24 teams good or not?

Post by Admin on Sun 23 Feb 2014 - 15:51

I just wanted to know, how would look EURO groups with 24 teams. If they would be very easy and unattractive or not. If qualification will end for example like this..:

Netherlands - Czech Republic - Turkey
Belgium - Bosnia - Israel
Spain - Ukraine - Slovakia
Germany - Poland - Ireland
England - Switzerland - Slovenia
Greece - Romania - Hungary
Sweden - Russia - Montenegro
Italy - Croatia - Norway
Portugal - Denmark - Serbia

... so Euro groups with 24 teams should be for example:

A: England - Bosnia - Belgium - Montenegro
B: France - Croatia - Czechs - Norway
C: Germany - Greece - Denmark - Poland
D: Italy - Portugal - Ireland - Romania
E: Netherlands - Russia - Sweden - Serbia
F: Spain - Ukraine - Switzerland - Turkey

Well, I personally don't have any problem with these groups. Of course, there can't be any group of death (what's little sad), but since I don't see big difference between teams like Denmark and Romania, I don't think that quality of tournament is too much worse with more 8 teams.

After all, I like bigger EURO :)More teams mean more matches and finally - qualification for continental championship is easier than qualification for World Cup, what is naturally Smile
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