UEFA Country Ranking 2013/14

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UEFA Country Ranking 2013/14

Post by Wasyl on Sat 11 Jan 2014 - 17:56

As we know, all details can be found on the main page. Here we have some place to discuss it, therefore I would like to comment on actual situation in this ranking.

Places 1-3, as usual, will be occupied by Spain, England and Germany. Maybe Germans can overtake the Spanish but they need to repeat wonderful 2012/13 season.

A very negative surprise is Portugal who collected only 5,583 points having six clubs participating. Only two of them "survived"! But Porto has a tough opponent (Eintracht) in Round 2 of Europa League and Benfica can play against Dnipro or Tottenham in Round of 16... So it can be their worst season since 2005/06 and they can even be overtaken by France if PSG and OL participate well...

The Dutch also have a weak season but it's their second in a row. Of course they can still improve it but Ajax and AZ need to do their best in order not to let Ukraine come closer. Four Ukrainian clubs participating in EL is a big amount and their place in TOP 9 is almost certain. Now they can only focus on chasing the Dutch and the Russians.

I was looking forward to a nice competition between the places 11-13, where we have Turkey, Greece and Switzerland. Everything looked as if the Greeks and the Swiss can still overtake Turkey, but good results of Trabzonspor in EL and surprising promotion of Galatasaray to the Round of 16 in CL made it different.

When it comes to place No. 15, it's almost the same. Czech Republic will have it for ~99%. Romania performed very well in the qualifications but in the Group Stage couldn't even win a single match. With all clubs eliminated they can't do anything and I think Maccabi from Israel (which is still in play) doesn't have much chances as well.

The only changes in places below 19 can be made by Denmark, Bulgaria and Slovenia. As long as Esbjerg plays against Fiorentina and Maribor against Sevilla, it's almost impossible to expect something much... Maybe Ludogorets from Bulgaria can achieve something against Lazio. But even that won't be sufficient to overtake e.g. Sweden, they would also need to grab some points against Dynamo Kiev or Valencia in Round of 16.

I would also like to sum up Poland's season 2013/14 in European football. Unfortunately, Lech Poznań, seeded in all qualifying rounds in EL, was eliminated by Žalgiris Vilnius... And Legia Warsaw, having played in EL Group Stage, managed to score only 3 points (in rankings: 2, giving the country 0,500) in the last game against Apollon. Śląsk was demolished by Sevilla and Piast lost after extra time to Qarabag... If we want to get higher in Country Ranking, we have to achieve something more in Group Stages and do it regularly. Three clubs (Lech, Legia, Wisła) have likely seeding in all qualifying rounds in EL and some also in 3. qualifying round in CL... But seeding is not everything, we have to prove it on the pitch which is not so easy as it looks like.
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Re: UEFA Country Ranking 2013/14

Post by Admin on Sun 12 Jan 2014 - 12:16

It looks that nearly no one can make relevant overtake (if new access list won't be too much different) in knockout stages.

For me, 'winners' of Country Ranking (from eliminated countries) are:

Iceland - all teams survived at least one round, and they lost only 7 matches from 20. I think that's very good result for country like Iceland.
Kazakhstan - especially thanks to Karagandy in Q CL. Their results in EL group also weren't bad (in group with AZ, PAOK and M. Haifa - 2x draw, 3x lose by one goal, 1x lose by two goals). FC Aktobe's run in EL from Q1 to Q4 is also impressive.
Albania - also Kukesi went from Q1 to Q4 in EL. Skenderbeu survived only one round, but when eliminated (in CL Q3 and EL Q4), they were able to win one leg. In total, Albania lost only 8 matches from 18.
Romania - despite they lost battle for 15th place, making best result in Counry Ranking in last 5 years with 3 teams with zero/national coefficient is something fantastic. All teams survived at least two rounds and record in qualifications was also great: 14w - 9d - 3l. Romania is probably 'winner' of Country Ranking for me.


Hungary - Only one survived round in total. Hungarian teams were 3x seeded, but only once went thru.
Finland - 5 teams / 5 eliminations with only one win from 10 matches. We don't expect miracles from Finland, but with five teams in competitons (and 3 of them seeded!), their results were joke..  Shocked
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